Marvel's Midnight Suns x Marvel Snap - Key Art

Get Ready to Bring the Hellfire with New Marvel's Midnight Suns Content in MARVEL SNAP!

Unleash the Darker Side of MARVEL SNAP with New Midnight Suns-themed variants, The Abbey location, Magik's Birthday Party! Bundle and more on October 3

Today, 2K and Second Dinner announced Marvel's Midnight Suns is coming to Marvel SNAP as the next upcoming season beginning October 3! With free login rewards, exclusive bundles, a total shop takeover, and an all-new location with The Abbey, get ready to embrace the darker side of Marvel with style and flair. Key details include:


Midnight Suns' Doctor Strange Giveaway

Marvel's Midnight Suns x Marvel Snap - Login Bonus

Anyone who logs-in to Marvel SNAP from October 3 to November 6 will receive the Doctor Strange Midnight Suns variant, available on all platforms and delivered straight to your inbox. 

Midnight Suns Variants Takeover!

Marvel's Midnight Suns x Marvel Snap - Shop Takeover

Love the black and gold look of the Midnight Suns? Covet the gorgeous collectibles found on The Abbey grounds? Look no further - all-new Midnight Suns Variants from Marvel's Midnight Suns are taking over the entire shop from October 11 through the 13th! But act fast as once the event is over, they'll be back into daily rotation. New variants include:

  • Black Panther - The Emperor
  • Blade - Midnight Suns
  • Bucky Barnes - The Hanged Man
  • Captain America - Midnight Suns
  • Captain Marvel - Midnight Suns
  • Deadpool - The Fool
  • Death - Death
  • Doctor Doom - The Magician
  • Domino - The Wheel of Fortune
  • Galactus - The Judgement
  • Human Torch - The Sun
  • Jean Grey - The High Priestess
  • Moon Knight - The Moon
  • Namor - The Hermit
  • Nova - The Star
  • Professor X - The Hierophant
  • Scarlet Witch - Midnight Suns
  • She-Hulk - Justice
  • Silver Surfer - The Chariot
  • Spider-Man - Midnight Suns
  • Storm - The Empress
  • Thor - Strength
  • Uatu the Watcher - The World
  • Wolverine - Midnight Suns

New Location - The Abbey

Marvel's Midnight Suns x Marvel Snap - New Location Abbey

Your very own mystical secret base from Marvel's Midnight Suns is now the perfect spot for you to gather more resources and plan a new strategy in MARVEL SNAP. The first player to put exactly 2 cards on The Abbey gets to draw a card. Look out for this location to be featured on October 10!

Conquest Reward - Iron Man Midnight Suns Variant

Marvel's Midnight Suns x Marvel Snap - Conquest Reward Iron Man

Those brave enough to go into battle this month will also have a chance to earn the Conquest exclusive Iron Man Midnight Suns Variant!

New Bundle - Magik's Birthday Party!

Marvel's Midnight Suns x Marvel Snap - Magik's Birthday Party

Celebrate one of Marvel's Midnight Suns most iconic moments - and Illyana Rasputin's "favorite" thing in the world - via her very own Midnight Suns variant bundle, which will be available starting October 3. The Magik's Birthday Party! Bundle includes:

  • Magik - Midnight Suns Variant
  • Magik - Midnight Suns Avatar
  • Title: TSA Took My Soulsword
  • 750 Credits
  • 1500 Gold
  • 155 Magik Boosters
  • Price: $14.99

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